Social Media Marketing for Business

Questions about how to use social to market your business?Is your company struggling to integrate social media into your marketing mix?   Are you having trouble figuring out how to make social a profit center rather than a time drain?

Just like any other marketing initiative, businesses need to develop a solid strategy for implementing social media. You need to know the WHO, WHY, WHAT and HOW of attracting customers on social channels and developing long-lasting, profitable relationships with them.

Most businesses grasp at tactics first, like setting up a Facebook page or Twitter profile for fear they’re being left behind. But what platform is really right to reach your market? What about blogging? How does a website fit into the social mix?

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Successful social media marketing isn’t just about setting up profiles. It’s about building relationships with REAL people—not "groups" of people. Before setting up a Facebook business page, a Twitter profile, a Google Plus page or a YouTube channel for your company, you need to have a deep understanding of one thing—your customer (or potential customer)—the WHO of your business. And this goes way beyond simple demographics. Beyond age, sex and income level, you must understand what drives them, what inspires them—their likes and dislikes; how they live; their personality traits.

Many people get frustrated with trying to integrate social into their business because they get stuck in “sales mode,” pitching and promoting their products and services on their blog or Facebook as if they were buying TV ads or billboards. Your audiences aren't looking for pitches on social channels. They are there to communicate, interact with each other, be entertained, find information and share ideas. So how can you gain their attention and communicate in a way that helps build profitable relationships? You have to start communicating more.

Think like a publisher—and have a solid plan. In today’s overcrowded online world, a one-and-done website doesn’t work for you anymore. Your business needs to develop the kind of content that gets found when and where people are searching—which means online and in social channels, and you need to be present on the channels your audience hangs out on and be ready to jump into the communications there. That’s why you need a focused Content and Social Strategy to determine which channels are right for you and what to say to attract and engage your audience there. Without one, you’ll feel like a circus juggler trying to keep more and more spinning plates in the air. You’ll spend all your time chasing tactics without seeing results. Concentrating on a solid plan helps alleviate the “shiny new toy” syndrome that bogs down so many businesses in social media. Instead, you’ll know how to create and deliver the kind of information your audiences are seeking—the kind that helps them make the decision to buy from you.

Why Parcher Marketing?

Our founder, Apryl Parcher, has extensive experience in both content development and social networking. A veteran copywriter, she has developed marketing content for a wide variety of businesses across the globe, both B-2-B and B-2-C, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. She is also a social media consultant, speaker and trainer, and an Amazon Best-Selling author with many connections in the social media marketing industry. We approach social media from a “content first” philosophy that helps you develop a focused social strategy. We help you understand your target audiences on a deeper level so you know which social platforms to use, and how to communicate on them to foster the kind of relationships that build your brand and result in more profits. In addition to consulting and planning services, we also offer social platform development services and coaching—or we can help you manage your profiles.

Facebook News-Feed Ads: A New Strategy

Recently we sat in on a Nick Unsworth webinar and tuned into another tactic you can use for getting in front of your audience on Facebook. The webinar featured Facebook’s new ad marketing bombshell—the ability to place ads in the news feed rather than as a postage stamp size over on the right. We all get tired of Facebook’s never ending metamorphosis, but sometimes change is a good thing. Why is this so much better? Yes they are larger, yes people have become somewhat immune to the sidebar, but the big advantage over the right sidebar ads is that those ads don’t show up on mobile. Mobile devices are proving to be a popular choice for interaction on social, so having the ads show up in the news feed is a big deal. Nick and his team say 75% of their ad clicks come from mobile.

Mobile is popular for viewing Facebook, so it's important to put your ad in the news feed where it will be seen on mobile devices.

Sidebar ads don’t show up on mobile.

We can’t help wondering what the larger ramifications are for Facebook when people begin to get inundated with ads in the news feed and what plans Facebook has to deal with it. However, for now this is going to be an effective strategy. With Facebook you can target your audience so precisely, a well designed, funny or intriguing ad is going to produce. Of course you still have to know who your ideal customer is (see building personas), so you can target the right audience and have a well-constructed funnel, but that’s a given.

How to Get Your Facebook Ad to Show in the News Feed

Assuming you’ve done your ground work and have a nice ad worked up that would make a good post, how do you get it to show up in the news feed? Facebook hasn’t made it obvious (No surprise there!). There’s a trick. Within the Ads Manager, you have to use the Power Editor to create your ad in order for it to show up in the news feed. Also, the Power Editor only works in Chrome, so before you do anything else, get the Chrome browser (it’s our favorite by the way). Once you’re on your page in Chrome, it’s just a few simple steps to start creating your ad in the Power Editor.

Use the Power Editor to make Facebook ads that will show up in the news feed.First, click on “Manage Ads” in your tools menu in the upper right of your page, and click on “Power Editor” in the left hand menu. A popup will ask you to download your Facebook Ads Account. Click on “Download” to bring in your current accounts. Just wait for your campaigns to populate the Editor.

Next, click on “Active Campaigns” on the left to highlight a campaign and click “Create Ad” in the upper left. Now you’re ready to create your ad. Give it a name, and now here comes the part that makes all the difference. Click on the third radio button from the top that says “For a Facebook Page using a Page post.” Now you will see an option to create your ad as a “Page Post”. Click on “Create New Unpublished Post” to create your ad, and it will be seen in the news feed.

Steps to creating a Facebook ad to show up in Facebook's news feed.That’s the secret. Also, a little further down where you see the “Placement” options, be sure to click on the radio button for “News Feed (Desktop and Mobile).” That’s it. Now your ad will show up in the news feed on Mobile.

One thing to keep in mind when designing your ads is the 20% Text rule that Facebook integrated with its last set of changes. However, Facebook has a handy grid guide you can use to make sure your ad text area doesn’t exceed that 20%.

Have you tried it yet? If you’ve been using Facebook ads and are now switching over to the news feed format, let us know how your experience goes.